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"Philosophers have hitherto only interpreted the world in various ways; the point is to change it" -- from Thesis On Feuerbach
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Humans are naturally inquisitive, compassionate, and ethical.  Philosophy serves man as a rational basis from which to examine beliefs.  When necessary, philosophy also imposes a moral duty to act.  Struggles toward freedom, equality, and righteousness have all emerged from philosophical ideas.  At times in history, however, such movements digress.  This has never been demonstrated as clearly as it is in our present society.  For the past decades, the unquestionable triumph of materialism over ethical values lies at the core of social injustice; it idealizes excess, deepens societal fragmentation, and ultimately, results in a state of complete alienation.  


At Philosophy In Action we believe in producing social change, by making philosophical ideas accessible to the general public.  Stressing practical application imposes moral obligations, and therefore, offers an ideal impetus for change.  Such change develops over time, but since it occurs at a profound level, it is indeed significant.  Formal study of logic functions as a basis of our entire program.  Logic alone encourages free-thinking, and provides a solid foundation for objective analysis.